Thursday, October 27, 2011

Free SEO software

One of my favorite internet marketing software developers released another powerful product. Its an SEO software, yes another SEO software,
it can do a lot of things that you can find in products that have more than 100 bucks price tag.

A keyword finder, rank checker with localization support, domain finder,
advance SERP analysis, page analysis, PPC analysis ang a lot more.

BUT! BUT! They are not charging anyting for it.

Yes you can get it here without paying anything!

free SEO software

It has more features compared to other paid SEO softwares out there
so make sure you secure your copy now because something like this usually not being shared for long period of time.

Download it here free SEO software

and enjoy!


Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Cashing out Google Adsense using Western Union Quick Cash

Hurray! I finally get to cash out my earnings from Google Adsense.  It took me 4 years to accumulate the first USD 100.00.  Anyone reading this who thinks that's it's impossible to earn money from internet is wrong.  You can receive money from Google; it's just a matter of timing and hard work. 

Anyway, this is a screenshot of my first internet cheque:

I deided to receive my earnings by Western Union Quick cash.  it's  so easy. 

When I login to my Google account and saw that  a payment has been made, I was so excited (excuse me, this is my first USD 100).  I printed out the statement, and then waited for 4 whole days (holidays and weekends in between) before I could go to the nearest Western Union agent.

I first when to Public Bank, but Public Bank can only disburse funds on individual-to-individual transactions.  So I went to CIMB bank where they can disburse funds on corporate (as in Goolge inc)-to-individual (as in me) transactions,  Within 10 minutes I got my money. 

However the exchange rate is not in my favour, only got MYR 3.16 to 1 USD.  Well, will wait for my next USD100 (which should be faster now that I know how to make money from adsense).

You know what, I intend to buy USD currency as an investment, and wait for it to go to 3.5 and make a FOREX gain.



Sunday, August 15, 2010


Lat Friday I got my iPad. I don't know how many Malaysians have got their iPad because it is not officially distributed in Malaysia yet. But I know I am one of 3 million (as of July 2010) who have bought the newly launched iPad. I didn't pay for it though, as I won it in a lucky dip. I waited about 1 month to get my hands on the iPad, as it was ordered from New Zealand.

I am writing this blog post on the ipad

I haven't used any Apple products, but this iPad is fabulous. The virtual keypad is so easily to type on compared to the keyboard.

Since the morning I have downloaded so many applications and are happily trying it out.

I am trying to paste a link here but it took some time. Quite lost without a mouse, and hey, I am a senior citizen ok?

Anyway I managed to link to a page that says "How Star Trek artists imagined the iPad...23 years ago. (by using the mouse on the PC. Need more practice on the iPad.

Business building is all about meeting challenges, technology included.


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My First Internet Business

In my earlier blog post, I mentioned that I have set up my first internet business online.  If you want to have a look at the website that I have created,   go there now -  it's called Cash Critical - Inbox Millionaire Blueprint.  

Setting up a website has always been the challenge faced by many new internet newbies.  Now that my internet business is open to the public,  I have to learn and master how to send traffic to my site.  I won't get any sales if nobody sees my cash critical website. 

Do you want someone to help you set up your first internet business for you, and so be on the same level playing field as all other internet gurus? 


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Adsense Income - first $100

Today I want to celebrate my first $100 making money online. I am not there yet, by my adsense account show $97.45 and I expect it to touch $100.00 by month month ending June 30, 2010 if not earlier.

It took me a long time to come this far, and I know it will be easier from now on to make my next $1000.00 by end December 2010.


Sunday, June 20, 2010

At Last

At last  I have successfully set up a sales website, with Getresponse autoresponder and all.

You can visit my website to see its finished product, and also to get a free ebook.  I am very happy with my achievement, and thanks to the trainer, Mr Jaz Lai.

I have attended many workshops and seminars, over the years but have not gone down to creating a sales website that is ready to take orders. And today, I have done so within 1 day's training.

What is different between Jaz's training and the training conducted by other gurus can be summaried as follows:


Saturday, March 27, 2010

Exit Traffic

Just learned there's a new way to make money when people leave your website,

The New viral "exit" software promises 200k visitors PER DAY to your site. Believable? Will let you know when I reach that figure!

If you own a website, you can get your free account here

The coolest part about this software is it is VERY viral, so the more people you tell about the site, the MORE traffic will come back to your site!

There's actually a free video showing how you can get over 200k visitors PER DAY to your website using this simple system, check it out here:

So go get your account, and turn the people who are leaving your website into NEW traffic!

P.S. - They just announced that they may start charging for this service in the future, so go and get your lifetime account (for FREE) today!

NB: I am trying the FREE service on this site.


Monday, November 16, 2009

Free Membership sites

Ever wanted to create your own membership site? The easy way, and for Free? Here's one site that offers free licence to create your OWN membership site for FREE. To register for your FREE licence, go to

Since I am getting the software licence for free, I will reciprocate and create a free members-only site specifically for internet newbies. Watch out for my announcement.


Monday, August 31, 2009

Making Changes To Blog Templates: How to add 'read more' to your blog posts

Ever wanted to put a 'read more' caption on your blogger blog posts? Here's a tutorial on this

Making Changes To Blog Templates: How to add 'read more' to your blog posts


Sunday, August 30, 2009

PC Tips for New Internet Marketers

Whether you're new or an experienced marketer, you will learn a thing or two about finding your downloads, copying and pasting text and links, avoiding phishing scams and more.

Here are the 5 tips in this article:
PC Tip #1: Finding your downloads
PC Tip #2: How to copy/paste text and links
PC Tip #3: Use F1 to look up Windows commands
PC Tip #4: How to fix error messages
PC Tip #5: Protect your PC (and yourself!) for free.

PC Tip #1: Finding your downloads!
Have you ever downloaded a piece of software from the Internet and couldn't find it later? You're not alone. In fact, it happens to thousands of people all over the world every day!

When downloading, many people use the My Documents folder in Windows, but after downloading many files you may find it hard to find the latest file. One simple fix is to create a new folder on your desktop specifically for downloads. (The definition of your desktop is where you see icons of folders and files and you're able to see your favorite picture as the wallpaper for your desktop.)

Creating a new folder on your desktop is easy. First find an un-crowded portion of your desktop and then using your ring finger click the right mouse button to bring up the context menu for the desktop. There in the menu you will find a selection called "New" Then LEFT Click on "Folder".

This will create a new folder on your desktop. You can name it something that will help you find the downloaded files. The first time you create a new folder, you will notice that the folder naming text is highlighted. To name the folder, simply start typing and the highlighted text will be replaced with what you wish to type in. A good folder name would be "downloads" or "My Web Files" or even the month and year which will make it much easier to find those files in the future.

Once the folder is created, simply remember when you download the next file to save it in that folder on your desktop for easy and fast access. You do that by choosing the download location as "Desktop" then your folder name. It's that simple!

PC Tip #2: How to copy/paste text and links.
Copy and paste is one task that every computer user will find they are using many times per session for many useful tasks. Say you wish to copy a portion of text or a website link into a report or article. Copy/paste makes it simple, and once you know how, you'll wonder how you ever got along without it.

To copy something you must first highlight the text or link using your left mouse button with your index finger. To do this, start at the beginning point of the text you wish to copy and place your mouse cursor there by clicking your left mouse button. When you do this DO NOT let go of the mouse button which you are holding with your index finger. While holding that mouse button down simply move your mouse over the text until you reach your stop point then let go of your index finger.

Now simply move your mouse into the center of the highlighted text and then using your ring finger to press the right mouse button. This will bring up a menu with the copy selection. Use your index finger, otherwise called the left mouse button; click on "COPY" from the menu that comes up. You have now successfully copied the text into your computer's memory, and are ready to paste it into your document.

Place your mouse cursor in the blank notepad or project and then using your ring finger press the right mouse button to bring up the menu. From the menu select "Paste". If you successfully completed the copy process your text should appear in the current document. If not go back and try again. With practice you will find it becomes second nature to you and your speed will increase as you use it more and more.

PC Tip #3: Use F1 to look up Windows commands.

Did you know that you can look up most common Windows commands if you press the F1 key on your keyboard? This will bring up the help file for Windows allowing you to quickly search or browse for the answer or information you are seeking for almost everything you might want to do in windows as well as Windows programs.

Keep in mind that most all of the applications created for your Windows operating system have the same basic commands available from the menu system. Some variants may exist depending on the purpose of the software application but the basics are usually there.

Very few people take advantage of F1, even when they are stuck. Try it next time you have a question about the program you're using!

PC Tip #4: How to fix error messages.

When a new Windows error message appears on your screen, many people will simply ignore it and click "OK". This is an example of what NOT TO DO! Instead you should realize that the programmers did not spend the time creating that message for the fun of it. Instead at a minimum you should READ EVERY WORD. Then read it again slowly the second time so it sinks in. Once you read it you may recognize the program that is causing it and be able to solve the problem yourself.

Don't be afraid to research the error on any good search engine online. You may find free advice quickly although in most cases you may have to dig a bit to find it. As a last resort try making a call to a local computer tech that may just let you know how to solve it for free if it is not a serious issue. However if it is serious or mildly serious by all means ask for a qualified tech to come out and fix it.

PC Tip #5: Protect your PC (and yourself!) for free.

By now you probably realize that every PC should have an anti-virus program. But did you know that an anti-spyware program is just as important? If you computer gets infected with spyware, your personal data including every keystroke you make on your PC can be recorded and stolen by hackers.

While most PC's have anti-virus programs installed upon purchase, anti-spyware programs are not as commonly used.

If you do not have anti-spyware software loaded, Microsoft has a free program you can get at their website. It is called Windows Defender and is available for download. Grab it and take a few minutes each month to keep it up to date.

While we're on the subject of spyware, did you know that spyware is not the only evil you have to be wary of?

"Phishing" is even more dangerous and new victims fall prey to this scam at an alarming rate. Phishing works like this... Unsuspecting victims (you?) get an email message that "looks" like it is from a website such as eBay, Paypal or another banking or credit card service you use. The message looks just like a real email the company may have sent you in the past, and even contains an official logo. In fact, it looks so real that every day hundreds of unsuspecting victims click the link in the email message and go on to enter personal data such as passwords or credit card numbers.

Unfortunately, the data is not going to the real site, it is going to the hacker who sent the bogus email. Next thing the victim knows, their account is emptied! The experts define this illegal practice as a form of "social engineering" and it is very easy to fall prey to it if you are not careful.

Here's how to protect yourself...

If you ever get an email message asking you to log into your account for ANY reason, NEVER click any of the links in the email. If you have a genuine concern about your account, (those fake emails usually imply something is wrong) delete the email message then open your browser manually and type in the website address, such as This way you KNOW that when you log in you are at the appropriate site and not some hacker's copy of a site.

*Article used with permission from JDD Publishing's Internet marketing site. Their website marketing guide and internet marketing news help you grow a business on the Internet. To get similar marketing news, click here to subscribe*